95% of information used by PI’s to influence their investment decisions comes from the internet and of this 95% a very significant majority comes from discussions that they have with each other on share bulletin boards.

This can be both a blessing and a curse as it means that a significant amount of PI sentiment is defined and dictated on these forums. When it is good it is great. Influential posters and opinion makers combine to let others know about a new share that they have “discovered” and many Private Investors buy in, increasing the volume traded and the share price and attracting further attention. When positive news comes along it gets out to the masses in the blink of an eye and the share price soars.

However, small cap shares are often the target for opportunistic ramping and de-ramping gangs – posters who set out as an organised group to drive a share price up or down based on rumours and lies in order to make themselves money by going long or short in advance.

When bad news occurs, these groups swing into action and they exacerbate share price drops by darkly hinting at further unspecified bad news to come. Private investors panic, moan to each other about their losses and sell out. Worse still, liquidity then dries up and the share price becomes mired in the doldrums at a low level that requires a huge effort and significant good news to drag it out from.

Private Investors and their online forums can be a significant asset for a company – and this is where we come in.

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