Above and beyond everything else, Petrach tell Private Investors the truth about the companies that they are invested in – making them a trusted and invaluable resource to all research.

We do this by in the following ways

Publishing Reports

On each of the companies on our books we publish a detailed and accurate report breaking down the assets and liabilities of the company and give it a share price value based on it’s current position and its likely position on the success of key projects.

All of these reports are done as “open source research”, a technique based on the peer review system of medical journals, where all calculations and references are available for others to check.

Provision of Apps

We also offer a service to develop mobile applications to allow private investors to calculate the value of their assets in a company which will automatically update dependent on commodity price changes.

Financial Analysis

Giving investors a breakdown of complex financials in layman’s terms.

Representation on Share Discussion Forums

We ensure that false rumours on share discussion boards are quickly scotched and do not spread unchallenged. This is linked in with the published reports which are referenced for authority.

Discussion Intervention

At key moments after the publication of positive or negative news Petrach will ensure that panicking private investors are reminded of salient facts about the company – maximising success and mitigating failure.

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We Offer The Complete Package

We’ve developed, tested and delivered a packaged service which provides high quality, researched company information.

With discrete online/share value management and a truly innovative online and app based tailored investment calculator, which allows the thousands of small investors out there to make immediate, informed trading decisions.

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