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The Influence of Private Investors

Private Investors make up a very important element of the investor base in all AIM listed companies. They react quickly to events and are able to sell their holdings of shares on an almost immediate basis, so can therefore be very influential in establishing how far up or down a company’s share price will go after good or bad news.

However, Private Investors are a notoriously disparate and difficult group to reach out to as a single population. Consequently, companies often make the mistake of treating them as an inconvenience, rather than the asset that they are.

Need for Direct Communication

We concentrate exclusively on reaching out and communicating with Private Investors on their own territory. In the 21st Century, this means communicating largely through share discussion sites as it is through these forums that Private Investors tend to communicate with each other – sharing research and recommendations of companies to invest in.

By communicating directly with PIs and empowering them with detailed and accurate research to help inform them about company prospects Petrach create an informed and loyal coterie of investors who know what their investments are worth and , therefore, how to respond to both good and bad news in a controlled and sensible manner.

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