We provide services to help AIM listed companies acquire, build and communicate with their private investor retail base.

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We’re specialists in helping companies listed on the AIM in London to communicate with their shareholders

Private Investors are the lifeblood of all small cap companies listed on the London junior exchanges

They provide interest in the shares

They buy quickly and in small quantities

Their appetite for risk and reward helps encourage share-price movement up and down

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“Many companies actively seek to increase daily volumes in an effort to improve liquidity. One way of achieving this is by increasing the number of private investors on the shareholder register.”

The London Stock Exchange - ‘A guide to AIM’

We Offer The Complete Package

We’ve developed, tested and delivered a packaged service which provides high quality, researched company information.

With discrete online/share value management and a truly innovative online and app based tailored investment calculator, which allows the thousands of small investors out there to make immediate, informed trading decisions.

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